FBC Dallas Women’s Luncheon: Shea Lowery  https://vimeo.com/256113735

Psalm 24:1 (NASB)

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it.”


How to become a Christian: http://www.sbc.net/knowjesus/theplan.asp

Will be in Austin, TX in March! Looking so forward to sharing with women-Jesus!


Really appreciate Shea Lowery speaking at our Chapel before the Ball State game. She did a wonderful job, spoke from the heart, and was able to relate well to our players through her life experiences. Our staff and players were very inspired by her heartfelt message. Thank you Shea. ~~Dabo Swinney

It was my delight to hear Shea Lowery teach at a ladies retreat. Very good teacher of truth with a passion for Jesus. Shea’s story brings hope for living a life that has been forgiven and transformed by God’s love.~~Esther Burroughs

Ladies and gentlemen, I, James Trapp, the Assistant Director of Player Engagement for the Buffalo Bills. I’m pleased to be writing to you all about a dynamic speaker, writer and mother, Shea Lowery.

She is an awesome motivational speaker that will encourage, edify and challenge you to not be complacent with the status quo. She has been one of the main proponents of women’s issues, child awareness issues, and a voice of unity for many organizations that look to help build better families, teams, and communities across our land.  She has a great understanding for civic based programs, as well as non-profit programs and she’s even been a football coach. Her communication skills are second to none and her ability to take a statement and build a movement is unmatched.

Finally, Shea is as fascinating a person as they come because she’s so well versed in a multitude of facets to this point in life. I know as much as she’s willing to give; I pray you’re more ready to receive, because we’re all in for a treat today. Without further ado, please join me in welcoming Mrs. Shea Lowery.

Strong as the Vine, James Trapp–Assistant Director of Player Engagement Buffalo Bills

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  1. I grew up with Shae, and I love seeing how much God has molded her. She is remarkable person and we love her. Next women’s conference I would love to come.

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  2. I’ve known OF Shea most of her life but I got to KNOW her several years ago by doing her hair. We always “had church” as she sat in my chair and we would talk about each other and the blessings GOD has given us. I’m so proud of the work she’s doing and has done for the glory of GOD…she never stops! Every time you think of her,say a little prayer for her to continue the road she’s on..I know it’s long and hard sometimes but she’s got that “GOD DRIVEN COURAGE” to keep on keeping on! I love you Shae❤

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  3. Love this lady & all she stands for , through her love and obedience to Christ I have been blessed to become very close to her ! The ministry GOD has called her to do is amazing ! #LOVETHEUNLOVABLE

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  4. Love you Shea!!! We have had lots of great memories working on projects at church. My favorite was Gloria Gaither and her friends. Thanks for all you do and your faith.


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